Our year thus far for getting out to socialize has been quite limited for everyone and as most of you would agree is really starting to get frustrating with limited activities. But to help our sponsors and members find family activities we are inviting each of you to come out to the CWCC property and enjoy what we all have worked so hard for over the past 20 plus years. The 3D archery range is all set up and ready for your challenges. And along with that there is the archery block targets located from 10 yards up to 60 yards, if you choose for all ages to enjoy. Please remember the use of crossbows are allowed on the block targets but NOT on the 3D targets. Take your families out to shoot that new pistol or sight in that new rifle in the areas designated for that. These are great traditional family activities and can be done safely. Otherwise, there are over 3 miles of mowed trails to take a hike on and enjoy the abundant wildlife that calls the CWCC property home.

       After cancelling our annual spring fundraiser banquet it was our sincere hope to be able to at least have our Annual Summer Picnic for members and sponsors along with their families. But for everyone’s health concerns and well-being it was decided to also cancel that until August 2021. We have also decided that the cash raffle that we held in conjunction with the picnic will also be cancelled for this year. Even though our cash raffle tickets were priced reasonably we felt as an organization that it wasn't in our best interest to add any type of financial burden to anyone.

     Our present finances are stable enough so that we will still be able to do many of the projects like we have done in previous years. It is our sincere hope that in 2021 and future years we will come back stronger with continuing support from each of you to be able to continue to "Promote our Outdoor Heritage" for future generations. 

Again "Thank You” for the support !

     As always we are asking you as members to consider getting involved as committee members or even helping us out with some of the projects that need that extra helping hand.

     Lastly, if anyone is interested in becoming involved as a committee person we welcome you to contact us. 

      As always, if anyone of our firewood burning members would like CHEAP firewood please contact any committee members for details.