Just to let each of you as members and sponsors know the CWCC property is available for your enjoyment. The trailers are all mowed and abundance of wildlife to be seen if you decide to take an enjoyable nature walk. The 3D archery range and block target ranges have all been set up and ready for you all to enjoy also. The pistol and big bore areas are also available for you to use. As always when shooting out there PLEASE use safe gun handling practices for the safety of yourself and others along with the surrounding properties. Thus far the individuals and families that are using the facilities have been truly respectful of others and the property.

    As things start to warm up and dry out after a long winter we again will be going out to the CWCC property for a day of maintenance on May 14th, We need to clean off the trails that has downed trees or brush so that you our membership can enjoy with your families the many trails throughout the property, We ask if your available on that day to come out to give us a helping hand and familiarize yourself with the property and the activities that are there for you as members. If you have a chainsaw and want to bring it along that would be helpful, but we mainly need you and a good set of gloves!!! We also will need to do some maintenance on the coverings for our block targets.

    At that time if the trails are dried out enough to put out the targets for the 3-D range we will, if not we generally try to have them in place and available for you to shoot around Memorial Day or thereafter.

As always, we ask that when using the property that safety is a priority and that you respect the property and neighborhood by picking up and taking any garbage with you for proper disposal. As an organization we need to have and keep the respect of our neighboring landowners.

    If you're unfamiliar as to the location of the property we have added a link called  "Recreational Land ", which contains directions and location to the property. We are now listed with Apple and Google websites so you can now access this location via your smart phone using your Map application on your device and by entering keyword “CWCC” , which will give you directions to the land based off your current location.


     Stay Safe and Healthy and we will keep you updated as the year progresses.

     As always we are asking you as members to consider getting involved as committee members or even helping us out with some of the projects that need that extra helping hand.

     Lastly, if anyone is interested in becoming involved as a committee person we welcome you to contact us. 

      As always, if anyone of our firewood burning members would like CHEAP firewood please contact any committee members for details.