To our Sponsors and Members,

     We have been going through some very trying times throughout this past year. It was the first week of March 2020 when this pandemic changed the "Normal Way of Life " for all of us. Our club, like everyone else had to cancel all activities for the health and safety of each of us.

     2021 has started out the same, but with the accessibility to the vaccine becoming available to each of us over the next few months we're all hoping to be able to get back on track with our projects and fundraisers that we had done in the past. But as of now the Spring Fundraiser Banquet that was scheduled for March 27, 2021 will have to be postponed. As it becomes safe to again have large gatherings, we will be rescheduling that event. And hope that our Annual Summer Picnic and Raffle can be held on the 4th Saturday of August (Aug.28th) At this point that also is on hold.

     We are though looking out farther to this coming fall with the disabled hunts (both deer & bear) We are making the plans right now for the disabled bear hunt. The individual that will be sponsoring his tag approval has received it and we have a young lady that has been wheelchair bound her entire life is our candidate to participate in this "Dream Hunt" As an organization we're hoping to fulfill that dream.

    In the letter that you all received a couple weeks ago It was unintentionally forgotten to mention about the “2021 Application” for our scholarships that we give to the immediate family of our members and sponsors. If anyone is interested in an application, please contact us and we will make sure an app is forwarded to you.

     Stay Safe and Healthy and we will keep you updated as the year progresses.

     As always we are asking you as members to consider getting involved as committee members or even helping us out with some of the projects that need that extra helping hand.

     Lastly, if anyone is interested in becoming involved as a committee person we welcome you to contact us. 

      As always, if anyone of our firewood burning members would like CHEAP firewood please contact any committee members for details.